Steel bars for concrete reinforcement are usually called “Reinforced concrete”, and we are handled to a certain various buildings widely near ourselves.
Even if it is a timbered house to say nothing of the bridge girder in the skyscraper, the apartment house, and the expressway, the hospitals, and the schools, etc. , the reinforced concrete is used for the part that becomes basic. The reinforced concrete makes the building solid, and does working that improves durability.
Recently, the quantity consumed shows the tendency for the aseismic capacity to be attached importance especially, and to increase.
In addition, a lot of reinforced concretes are needed by measures to deal with natural calamities of the riparian work etc. to prevent the downpour damage including the dam.
The role is firmly played in defending the safety of the living of everybody though it never quite sees because the reinforced concrete used as ferroconcrete bone union is buried in the building and used.

Product use case
Ferroconcrete (reinforced concrete) make is omitted and it is said, “RC make”. It is a structure made in power (compression power) that supports weight in the building to crush reinforcing strong concrete to power (tensility) to enlarge with the reinforced concrete that is a strong cylinder shape steel material. It is very excellent in the soundproofing, earthquake resistance, and fireproof. Ferroconcrete is used also for the floor in the RC make (floor slab). To have to improve sound insulating properties preventing the noise that affects an upper and lower floor through the floor besides the point of securing the structure stiffness in the building in the apartment house etc. , the floor slab is thick and tends to become heavy.
Abundant lineups including minute diameter high strength reinforced concrete (D10~D19).
In fine delivery, it is possible to be relieved also to the delivery to the mountainous district.
I will surely deliver it by observing strictly the schedule delivery date.
It promptly corresponds to the details change.
It differed from a past electric furnace, and our electric furnace improved the preheating efficiency, and achieved the improved productivity and the strong reduction in each electric power source in the scrap continuously charged in the shaft with the exhaust gas of the high temperature generated while dissolving by the structure to connect directly the scrap preheating shaft and the melting furnace the heating of arrival.
Moreover, it is an advanced steelmaking equipment that is heat resolved the exhaust gas element in the combustion chamber, cooled quickly in the room of cooling quickly, and considered to the environment by the thing to prevent dioxin being synthesized again to have made good use of a state-of-the-art technology.
When JIS standard is begun by introducing the LF furnace, the production of a variety of steel kinds like the ASTM standard and the KS standard, etc. is achieved. A steady supply is enabled by the quality of a top class. 100% scrap is used for the raw material. It receives high acclaim as a product that the recyclability is very high though an architectural scrap, the cutting rubbish, and the car dismantlement rubbish are centers, and it is high-quality.

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